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Duration: 3 Hours
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The SAE CVEP-PIT Credential is awarded to individuals who can demonstrate mastery of knowledge in general vehicle electrification safety, including knowledge and application of major systems (battery packs, motors and power electronics). The overall objective of the CVEP-PIT Credential is to recognize those individuals who possess the skills and knowledge to work as part of the multi-disciplinary teams in the field and associated industries. Those individuals are involved in product design, manufacturing process design and manufacturing implementation of electrified vehicles. Job roles include engineers, technicians, and other technical personnel assigned to electrified vehicle platforms, but not necessarily involved with direct design of VE systems.

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Examination Content Outline

  • Vehicle Electrification Fundamentals and Safety
    • Fundamentals of Electrified Vehicles
    • Introduction to Electronics and Electricity
    • Safety
  • Energy Storage Systems
    • Batteries
    • Battery Chargers
    • Low and High Voltage Systems
  • Propulsion and Propulsion Interfaces
    • Drives
    • Mechanical Drivetrains
  • Systems Integration
    • EPS Integration
    • Powertrains and Electric Systems
    • Powertrains with CVT
    • Electro-mechanical Systems
    • Control Systems

Download a free copy of the CVEP Basic Body of Knowledge. The content of the CVEP-PIT is the same as the CVEP.

Obtainment of the CVEP-PIT Credential
The SAE CVEP-PIT Credential requires meeting all of the eligibility requirements, as well as a passing grade on the Essential Safety, Knowledge-Based and Applications-Based examination. The CVEP-PIT will be awarded once requirements are verified and the examination grade is calculated and approved by SAE Credentialing. Participants must achieve a composite score of 73% or higher on the Knowledge and Application sections of the exam. Additionally, a 100% pass rate is required for Essential Safety examination questions.

The SAE CVEP-PIT Credential requires meeting all of the eligibility requirements, as well as a passing grade on the CVEP Knowledge and Application examination. The CVE-PIT Credential will be awarded once the examination grade is calculated and approved by SAE Credentialing.
  • Education: Minimum, final year in a bachelors program of engineering, engineering technology or technical related field program OR
  • Education: A current Master’s degree student in program of engineering, engineering technology or technical related field
  • Examination: Focusing on Knowledge and Application of VE Components, Power Electronics Basics, and System Integration.

Taking the Exam
The CVEP examination is proctored. Each examinee must select a delivery method. You have the opportunity to take the examination in the comfort of your home, place of business or at a specified public testing site. You also have the ability to apply for special proctoring accommodations that will allow your manager, supervisor, or other approved individual to serve as your proctor for the examination. In order to request special proctoring accommodations, please visit our proctor request page. You will be prompted to select an examination delivery method during the purchase process. Proctoring options include Test Site, Open-Enrollment, Human Proctor, or Remote Proctor. Depending on the selected delivery method, additional fees may apply.

Maintaining Certification
The CVEP-PIT credential is valid for a period of three years from the time the examination is passed. Recertification for the CVEP-PIT credential does not exist as it is required you transfer to the CVEP credential after obtainment of two years of work experience. Once you reach two years of work experience, contact certification@sae.org to change your status to the CVEP credential.

How to Prepare for the Examination
It is suggested that a participant attend a preparatory training, or utilize learning resources and reference documents to prepare for the exam. SAE provides the CVEP Basic Body of Knowledge (BOK) free of charge, which provides a brief overview of the examination's contents. Many organizations provide Vehicle Electrification training. The following seminars and products may assist with preparation for the exam:
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Fees: $295.00 ; SAE Members: $295.00 - $295.00

.0 CEUs
You must complete all course contact hours and successfully pass the learning assessment to obtain CEUs.

For additional information, contact SAE Customer Service at 1-877-606-7323 (724/776-4970 outside the U.S. and Canada) or at CustomerService@sae.org.