Vehicle Electrification Fundamentals and Safety Certificate of Competency     

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Duration: 1 Day
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Topical Outline

Course Description:
This VE Certificate Course is designed for individuals who have exposure to electrified vehicles, or are associated with an electrified vehicle program and need to understand fundamentals of Vehicle Electrification (VE) architecture and critical safety measures. The overall objective of the Vehicle Electrification Certificate of Competency is to provide training for those individuals who work on or around electrified vehicles to perform their tasks safely. The program is comprised of an eLearning module (estimated 6-8 hours) and a proctored final examination. Prior to sitting for the proctored examination, participants must complete the VE Fundamentals and Safety training module. CLICK HERE to register for this certificate course.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of electrified vehicles
  • Identify and successfully apply the fundamentals of electrification safety
  • Define and apply basic electronics and electricity requirements and expectations
  • Apply critical safety measure

Who Should Attend
This program is designed for personnel working in manufacturing, procurement, sales, marketing, or management as well as those who work on components for, the assembly of, or transport of electrified vehicles. First responders and undergraduate students or recent graduates interested in acquiring a foundation in vehicle electrification will also find this program to be valuable.

Topical Outline
  • Basics of Electricity and Electronics
    • History
    • Atoms/Electron Orbits
    • Current
    • Types of Charges
    • Conductors/Insulators/Semiconductors
    • Amps/Coulombs/Watts/etc

  • Ohmns law
    • Circuits
    • V=lxR
    • Voltage/Resistance
    • Series/Parallel/Series-Parallel

  • Kirchhoff's law
  • Joule's law
    • Conversion of Power
    • Resistors
    • Intro to Power Electronics

  • Safety
    • Essential Safety
    • General Safety
      o Personal Injury and First Aid for shock victims
      o Appropriate use of and care for Personal Protective Equipment
      o Common emergency procedures:
      • Technician Safety
      • First Responder Safety
      • Shipping/Sales Safety
      • Working on the Line Safety

  • Fundamentals of EVs
    • Six Major Components of the EV/Hybrid
    • Modes of Operation
      o All Electric Drive Motor Assist
      o Idle/Stop
      o Regenerative Braking
      o Engine Starting
      o Battery Pack Charging
    • Types of Electric Vehicles/Hybrids
    • Benefits-Pros and Cons

There are two requirements for successful completion of this certificate program:
  • Online Training: To sit for the Final Examination, participants must complete the 4-6 hour online training module.
  • Final Examination: Participants must achieve a composite score of 75% or higher. Additionally, a 100% pass rate is required for Essential Safety examination questions to receive the Certificate.

The VEFS examination is proctored. Each examinee must select a delivery method. You have the opportunity to take the examination in the comfort of your home, place of business or at a specified public testing site. You will be prompted to select an examination delivery method during the purchase process. Proctoring options include Test Site, Open-Enrollment, Human Proctor, or Remote Proctor. Depending on the selected delivery method, additional fees may apply.

Instructor Bio
Numerous Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) participated in the development workshop to build the Body of Knowledge for the Vehicle Electrification program. These individuals stem from numerous industries within the Vehicle Electrification arena. The online course was developed by a third party provider for SAE International, and the examination is administered by SAE International’s testing partner.

Register for the VE Certificate of Competency

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Fees: $795.00 ; SAE Members: $715.00 - $795.00

.7 CEUs
You must complete all course contact hours and successfully pass the learning assessment to obtain CEUs.

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