Design Review Based on Failure Modes (DRBFM) Certificate of Competency     

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Duration: 2 Days
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This DRBFM Certificate Course is intended for participants who are interested in learning the DRBFM process and how to apply the methodology. DRBFM continues to be used in many industries by many companies to significantly improve change controls (both internally and at suppliers). This course will discuss the requirements and common techniques that will enable a company to gain the maximum benefits of the DRBFM process. Since proficiency is only gained by doing, participants are encouraged to bring a DRBFM example to work on during the class. The course will follow the four steps of the DRBFM process as defined in the SAE eBook, Design Review Based on Failure Modes (DRBFM) and Design Review Based on Test Results (DRBTR) Process Guidebook and the SAE J2886 DRBFM Recommended Practice. Once the course is completed, the participant will have the opportunity to take an exam to obtain their Certificate of Competency.

This course will also offer an overview of the Design Review Based on Test Results (DRBTR) methodology, including objectives and common techniques. The course will also provide participants with a practice DRBTR document and instruction on how to populate it with the most common information. CLICK HERE to register for this certificate course.

Learning Objectives

  • List the benefits, requirements, and objectives of DRBFM
  • Demonstrate the steps used to complete a DRBFM
  • Demonstrate the proper usage of the DRBFM preparation documents
  • Describe the interfacing tools used to maximize the benefit of the DRBFM analysis
  • Follow the DRBFM methodology to efficiently create a DRBFM
  • Describe the linkage of DRBFM, DFMEA and PFMEA
  • Describe the linkage of DRBFM and DRBTR
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of management and engineers within DRBFM
  • Describe the output of each step of the DRBFM Methodology
    o Preparation
    o Change Point FMEA (Forum One)
    o Design Review (Forum Two)
    o Actions Results
  • Summarizes the lean practices of the DRBFM process

Who Should Attend
DRBFM is a methodology adopted by all industries. This course is designed to support the roles of management, design engineers, manufacturing engineers, supplier quality, materials, validation, materials and aftermarket engineering. If you are affected by an engineering technical decision, this course is for you. This course can help you and your organization improve launch effectiveness, increase brand loyalty and profit margin, and gain market dominance in quality and reliability.

Topical Outline
  • Introduction and course objectives
  • Overview of DRBFM
    o Focus on Change and Continuous Improvement
    o Culture
    o Proficiency
    o Purpose
    o General requirement’s
    o DRBFM Homeroom
    o Launch Timing
  • Introduction to DRBFM Process map o DRBFM Process Map
    o Introduction to Classroom example
  • Step One: Preparation Documents
    o Gather Engineering Knowledge
    o Change Point Definition
  • Optional formats for change definition
    o DRBFM Plan
  • Optional format
  • Step Two: Change Point FMEA o Concerns about FMEA usage
    o Forum One: Change Point Detail and Functions
  • Populate DRBFM with Step One Information o Forum One: Document Change Point Analysis
  • Concerns
  • Causes
  • Effects
  • Importance
  • Counter Measures
  • Actions to gain knowledge
    o Management Review and Approval
  • Summary of Day One and Homework

    Day Two

  • Summary of Step One and Step Two
    o Questions
    o Confirm example DRBFM is working
  • Step Three: DRBFM Design Review Forum Two
    o “Buds of Problems”
    o “The Ugly Baby Syndrome”
    o Engineers readiness checklist
  • Review Change Points and Functions
  • Document Additional Analysis (Team)
    o Concerns
    o Causes
    o Effects
    o Importance
    o Counter Measures
    • Z Approach
    o Actions to gain knowledge
  • Management Review and Approval
  • Step Four: Actions Results
    o Design
    o Validation
    o Manufacturing
    • Including Supplier
  • Feedback Loop
    o Bill of Design
    o Bill of Process
    o Validation Guides
  • Management Review and Approval
  • GD3 Good Dissection: Design Review Based on Test Results (DRBTR)
    o How to observe actual things to find buds of problems
  • DRBFM “Mindset” Roadmap
    o Keys to successful implementation of DRBFM

There are two requirements for successful completion of this certificate program:
  • Online Training: Attend the two day face to face seminar.
  • Final Examination: Receive a composite score of 75% or higher.

Instructor Bio:
Bill Haughey is a current member of the SAE Automotive Quality and Process Improvement Committee (AQPIC), SAE J1739 FMEA standard (released in 2009), AIAG FMEA Fourth Edition Recommended Practice Committee, and SAE Automotive Electronic Systems Reliability Standards Committee. Bill is the author of the SAE eBook, Design Review Based on Failure Modes (DRBFM) and Design Review Based on Test Results (DRBTR) Process Guidebook and was approved to lead the development of a new SAE DRBFM Recommended Practice (J2886). Bill is an instructor for SAE in DRBFM, DFMEA and PFMEA.

Bill is the founder of ReliaTrain, LLC which specializes in the Engineering Knowledge Center approach supporting product and process engineers in all quality and reliability methods. While the ReliaTrain Engineering Knowledge Center provides expert support in all methodologies, Bill is focused as a trainer, mentor, facilitator in the areas of DRBFM, DRBTR, DFMEA, PFMEA, PCP, DFM/A and Quality/Reliability Planning and Gap Analysis. Bill has completed multiple certifications, written a book and white paper on DRBFM and DRBTR and given presentations on the topics of FMEA and DRBFM at reliability symposiums. Bill formerly worked for General Motors, where he held various managerial, manufacturing, and engineering positions including: Program Manager, Assembly Plant Staff, and Process Lead and supervisor for DRBFM, DRBTR, FMEA and DFM/A. While at GM, Bill also supported Tatsuhiko Yoshimura in the global implementation of the GD3 (DRBFM) methodology. Tatsuhiko Yoshimura considers Bill to be a subject matter expert in the GD3 methodologies, including DRBFM and DRBTR. Since starting his business in 2006, Bill has worked with over 50 companies and has multiple letters of recommendation.

Bill received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and Masters from Central Michigan University. Bill’s areas of knowledge include Automotive, Medical – Health Care Product and Processes, Military Programs, Alternative Energy, Gas and Oil, Aerospace Industry, and Consumer Lifestyle Products.

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1.3 CEUs
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