Introduction to Heavy Truck Tire, Steering, and Suspension Dynamics     


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Duration: 1 Day
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This seminar provides an introduction to several critical aspects of heavy truck dynamics. The comprehensive presentation and discussion will begin with the mechanics and dynamics of heavy truck tires, followed by steering dynamics, and finally moves participants into suspension kinematics and dynamics. Starting at the ground and moving up, this seminar explores the important dynamic aspects of each subsystem and how each is related to the overall truck dynamics. This one-day course is derived from the instructor’s three-day course titled Fundamentals of Heavy Truck Dynamics and serves to present important concepts and contemporary issues related to heavy truck dynamics in a convenient single-day format.

Learning Objectives
By attending this course you will be able to:

  • Acquire a fundamental understanding of heavy truck dynamics, both in its theory and practice
  • Identify how subsystems and components interact with other subsystems to effect the truck dynamics
  • Define the dynamics of various truck subsystems and components, including tires, steering system and truck suspensions

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit anyone in the heavy truck industry, most notably the original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers. It is also suitable for others that have a need for a broad understanding of truck dynamics such as section managers, decision makers, program managers, system engineers, and marketing staff.

Please note: This course is intended to provide a high-level introduction to the main topics of heavy duty truck dynamics. Individuals desiring a comprehensive presentation and discussion on heavy vehicle dynamics should register for C0837 - Fundamentals of Heavy Truck Dynamics.

A basic knowledge of college-level statics, dynamics, and vibrations will help the attendees to more easily follow the course material. Good common sense and practical knowledge can replace the academic training in statics and dynamics.

Topical Outline
Morning Session

  • Introduction to Systems, Components, and Terminology
    • Axis and Coordinate System
    • Vehicle Dynamics Terminology
    • Vehicle Dynamics Components
    • Truck Terminology
  • Tire Structure
    • Radial Ply Tires
  • Tread Patterns
  • Tire Dynamics
    • Tire Axis Definition
    • Slip Angle
    • Tire Forces and Moments
    • Slip Ratio (Slip)
    • Hydroplaning
    • Wide-base (Super-single) Tires
  • Steering System
    • Introduction
    • Steering Mechanism
    • Steering Geometry: Kingpin Angle or Inclination Angle, Caster Angle, Camber Angle, and Toe-in
Afternoon Session
  • Steering System (continued)
    • Ackerman Steering:Turning Radius, Ackerman Geometry
    • Steering Vibrations: Shimmy and Tramp, Flutter or Wobble
    • Steering Effects: Understeer/Oversteer, Four-wheel Steering, Offtracking
  • Truck Suspension
    • Suspension Functions
    • Primary Suspensions
  • Spring Elements
    • Leaf springs
    • Air springs
    • Rubber springs
    • Walking beams
  • Damping Elements
    • Hydraulic Dampers
    • Twin Tube Dampers
    • Monotube Dampers

Instructor(s): Mehdi Ahmadian
ahmadian_mehdi" Mehdi Ahmadian, Ph.D. is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech, where he is also the Director of the Center for Vehicle Systems and Safety (CVeSS) and the Railway Technologies Laboratory (RTL). He is the founding director of CVeSS, RTL, Virginia Institute for Performance Engineering and Research, and the Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory. Dr. Ahmadian has authored more than 200 technical publications and has made more than 130 technical presentations in topics related to advanced technologies for ground vehicles. He holds six U.S. patents and has edited four technical volumes. He currently serves as editor for the International Journal of Vehicle Systems Dynamics, co-editor for Advances in Mechanical Engineering, and associate editor for the journal Shock Vibration. Dr. Ahmadian is a member of SAE and is the recipient of the 2008 Forest R. McFarland Award for outstanding contributions to the SAE Engineering Meetings Board. He is also a Fellow of ASME and a Senior Member of AIAA. In the past, he has served as associate editor for the ASME Journal of Vibration and Acoustics and associate editor for the AIAA Journal. Dr. Ahmadian’s research interests include vehicle dynamics and control, advanced suspensions, biodynamics, ride engineering, tire dynamics, advanced materials for improving vehicle performance, and vehicle noise and vibration assessment. Dr. Ahmadian has over 20 years of industrial and academic experience, working in research, development, and engineering of various systems for ground vehicles, air vehicles, and water vessels for both civilian and military applications.

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.7 CEUs
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