SAE Master Instructor Registry


One of the SAE Continuing Professional Development Group's (CPDG) primary missions is to promote and advance effective learning for engineers through the development and delivery of well-designed learning programs. SAE maintains a roster of approximately 100 contract instructors and CPDG encourages and assists those instructors to continuously study, apply, reflect, and dialog about the application of new skills pertinent to the teaching process.

For those exemplary instructors who have effectively incorporated proven adult learning and active learning practices into their programs, who earn consistently high teaching evaluations, and who are recognized in their profession, CPDG confers the SAE Master Instructor designation.

The Master Instructor designation reflects exemplary accomplishment across the following seven criteria:

  • Teaching evaluations, which must average 4.3 or higher on a 5 point scale
  • Teaching experience, which must total at least three years with SAE
  • Evidence of having invested in teaching and learning professional development of their own
  • Demonstrated innovation in instructional design and delivery in their teaching
  • Evidence of refreshing their content regularly and adhering to SAE guidelines for design and delivery
  • Documentation of being a distinguished or recognized leader in their field
  • Continuous SAE membership for at least five years
Master Instructors Registered to Date
NamePortfolio of Courses/Learning Products
McVea, William Mark Applied Vehicle Dynamics
Fundamentals of Modern Vehicle Transmission (e-Seminar and seminar)
The Basics of Internal Combustion Engines (e-Seminar and seminar)
Fundamentals of Gear Design and Application Internal Combustion Systems: HCCI, DoD, VCT/VVT, DI and VCR
Introduction to Gears
Palazzolo, Joseph A Familiarization of Drivetrain Components
A Familiarization of Drivetrain Components e-Seminar
Fundamentals of All-Wheel Drive Systems
Fundamentals of All-Wheel Drive Systems e-Seminar
High-Performance Differentials, Axles, & Drivelines
Saha, Pranab Sound Package Materials for Vehicle Noise Control (seminar and webinar)
Vehicle Noise Control Engineering Academy, Acoustical Materials track (lead instructor)
Acoustic Fundamentals for Solving Noise and Vibration Problems Webinar
Walker, Jr., James Applied Vehicle Dynamics
Applied Brake Control Systems
Applying Brake Controls to Vehicle Dynamics
High-Performance Brake Systems
Introduction to Brake Control Systems
Introduction to Brake Control Systems e-Seminar