IACET Criteria and Guidelines

The ANSI/IACET 1-2007 Standard measures all aspects of an educational provider's program development. IACET Authorized Providers have demonstrated that their programs meet ten nationally-recognized standard categories. Here is an overview of the standard categories to which SAE has agreed to comply and the aspect each evaluates:
  • Category 1: Continuing Education and Training Organization
  • Category 2: Responsibility and Control
  • Category 3: The Learning Environment and Support Systems
  • Category 4: Learning Event Planning
  • Category 5: Learning Outcomes
  • Category 6: Planning and Instructional Personnel
  • Category 7: Content and Instructional Methods
  • Category 8: Assessment of Learning Outcomes
  • Category 9: System for Awarding CEUs and Maintaining Learner Records
  • Category 10: Program Evaluation