SAE Credentialing

Design Review Based on Failure Modes (DRBFM) Credentialing Program

The DRBFM program was developed to promote the methodology focused on change management, continuous improvement, and reliability. It centers on early prevention and engineering knowledge, eliminating time spent debating ranking systems, waiting for lead engineers to document and list their concerns, identifying what types of concerns are open for discussion and resolution, and brainstorming without any actionable closure. SAE Credentialing has developed three programs of focus, Certificate of Competence for personnel interested in learning about DRBFM. The Professional Certification focuses on individuals who lead teams that apply DRBFM, and the Expert Certification focuses on individuals who facilitate DRBFM and serve as a DRBFM mentors. Click on the program title links below for more information.

Available Offerings
    DRBFM Process and Application Certificate of Competency

    The Certificate offers participants the opportunity to understand and apply the DRBFM methodology. It pairs an open- enrollment 2-day seminar along with a comprehensive knowledge exam to test a learner's attainment of the DRBFM Process methodology. Upon successful completion of the DRBFM examination, participants will receive an SAE DRBFM Certificate of Competency.

    DRBFM Professional Certification

    Design Review Based on Failure Modes - Certified Professional The SAE DRBFM Professional Credential is awarded to individuals who can demonstrate proficiency of knowledge in the Design Review Based on Failure Modes methodology. Proficiency is demonstrated by both individual execution of the process (project and hours prerequisite requirements) and DRBFM process knowledge.