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Benefits of Earning an SAE International Credential

Benefits of Earning SAE Certificates or Certification:
  • Validates mastery of industry-driven training and learning objectives
  • Confirms mastery of an industry-generated body of knowledge
  • Provides international recognition of your knowledge and capabilities
  • Provides a portable credential that is recognized across industry
  • Demonstrates your commitment to continuing professional development

Credentialing Value to YOUR ORGANIZATION
  • Recognizes the capabilities of your people
  • Enhances your company's credibility with corporate customers
  • Contributes to the hiring and promotion process
  • Encourages employee participation in continuing education
  • Provides an independent internal and external assessment
  • Supports the promotion of professional competence

Additional FAQs

What is the difference between a Certificate and a Certification?
Certification Certificate
  • Results from an assessment process that recognizes an individual's knowledge, skills and competency in a particular specialty

  • Typically requires professional experience

  • Awarded by a third-party, standard-setting organization, typically not for profit

  • Indicates mastery/competency as measured against a defensible set of standards, usually by application or exam

  • Standards set through a defensible, industry-wide process (job analysis/role delineation) that results in an outline of required knowledge and skills

  • Typically results in credentials to be listed after one's name (LNCC, ONC, CCRN)

  • Has on-going requirements in order to maintain; holder must demonstrate he/she continues to meet requirements
  • Results from an educational process

  • For newcomers and experienced professionals

  • Awarded by educational programs or institutions often for-profit

  • Indicates completion of a course or series of courses with a specific focus (different than a degree granting program)

  • Course content determined by the specific provider or institution, not standardized

  • Usually listed on a resume detailing education

  • Demonstrates knowledge of course content at the end of a set period in time

Do I have to Re-Certify? What is the certification validation period?
Yes. All SAE Certifications are valid for 3 years from the date of testing. Please see the individual certification for more information on re-certification.

What if I do not meet the Certification Requirements?
You must meet the requirements for any certification. SAE offers one provisional certification, the CVEA, which allows someone to obtain VE certification without meeting the work experience requirements. Upon meeting those requirements, the individual may submit a request to change their credential. If you do not meet requirements for a specific credential, you will not be granted the credential.

Once I earn a credential, is my name kept on file?
Yes, SAE keeps your name on file for the each credential. Once requirements are completed, please notify SAE Customer Service, 877-606-7323 or Once your transcript is audited and completion of courses verified, your certificate will be issued.

What are the requirements for obtaining a credential?
Each credential has different requirements. Please visit the individual credential for Requirement information.

For additional information about the Credentialing program, please email or call 1-877-606-7323. For more information on testing, proctoring methods, payment, issues with login to the test host site, please email call 1-888-303-8823